ARE YOU the kind of parent who likes to turn off the TV and spend quality time with your children at least once a day?

DO YOU see brilliance in your child and wonder what the best way is to unlock it?

HAVE YOU heard about how powerful it is to learn through play, but are unsure on how to start?

Notch Hill Learning Systems are unique because they:


Teach children through play, a highly efficient way to teach. Not only is it the natural way for children to learn but it also relaxes children who have anxiety around learning. Read more…


Create a high quality, fun time, enabling you to connect on a level with your child that you may have struggled to reach before. Read more…


Were designed by two adult educators with learning disabilities. We’ve struggled through the education system ourselves and worked in the trenches helping hundreds of children from all walks of life to read and write. Our unique outlook on learning gave us a clarity and creativity when designing our Learning Systems that you won’t find elsewhere. Read more…

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