I just got back from Toy Fair in New York. Toy fair is held at the Javits Convention Centre which has 350,000 sq ft of exhibition space – needless to say we were quite tired after the three days it took for us to attempt to walk around it all!

We were interested in developmental and educational toys and so focused our attention on these toys- here’s some trends in this market that I see coming up over the next few months.

  • Expect to see a sudden burst of educational tools to help train kids (and parents) in healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. There appears to be a large push in funding from the US government in this direction.
  • Expect more wooden toys available and some great toys made out of bamboo – There are a lot of wooden building blocks on the market. I have no idea how you decide which are the best!
  • More computer based learning to read programs – As ever I would advise parents to use your discression as to whether you feel that they are beneficial or not.

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