Is your kid keeping up with the pack?

If you took a cross section through every classroom in Canada each class would look similar. There are the kids who breeze through the academic challenges put to them with ease. There are the average kids who are doing “just fine”, there are the kids with challenges who receive extra assistance and then there are the “grey area kids”. This illusive group is rarely talked about but are part of every classroom. These are the kids who are not keeping up with the class, but they haven”t been diagnosed with anything so the only extra help they receive is from their already extremely time strapped teacher.

Grey area kids can remain in this limbo for several years until they are diagnosed with a learning disorder or are so far behind that they qualify for extra help. Unfortunately by this time, these children typically have massive self esteem issues.

While studies have shown time and time again, that the sooner a child is given intervention the better. Teacher”s hands are tied. With limited resources at their disposal, grey area kids continue to struggle in classrooms across the country.

Is your kid a Grey Area kid?

If you are concerned that your child falls into this category, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your child enjoy school?
  • Does your child typically find homework manageable?
  • Would you say that your child is keeping up with the rest of the class?

If you answered “no” to these questions, don’t panic. Schedule a meeting with your child”s teacher and have a candid conversation about how your child is doing.

What is next?
If your child”s teacher highlights some areas that your child is struggling in, let the teacher know that you are willing to be part of the solution. While teachers typically understand that it”s better to help a child than to wait, because of limited resources many will advise parents to watch the child and wait to see if he/she catches up on his/her own. Depending on the issues at hand ways to help are varied and can go from the very simple – teacher sending special homework home for your child. To custom designed curriculums.

Ways to help Grey Area Kids

How to pick a great Tutor


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