Reading like any new learned skill can get quite rusty after a summer off. Here are some tips to keep your kids in practice over the long hot summer months.

  • Take a digital camera with you on a day out with your kids. The next day print off the photos and help your child make a book telling the story of the day out. This book can be read by your child when ever he/she wants to read it.
  • A fun variation on this is for your and your child to spend the day photographing a favourite toy in various places and poses around your neighbourhood, you can build this into quite an adventure story!
  • Check out your local library for events. There is bound to be lots of kid friendly activities on over the summer, while you are there spend some time together in the kids section and help your child pick out some books to take home and read. Don’t worry too much about trying to find books that are challenging. Kids learn a lot about the enjoyment of reading from books that they can pick up and read fluently by them selves.
  • Cook together – and get your child to read the recipe. ¬†Even better – turn your baking into a pretend cafe and have your child make up some menu’s and signs.
  • Any time you are in a restaurant together this summer, let your child read the menu and pick their own meal.
  • Planning a road trip? Make a bingo board out of road signs and place names that you think you will see on the way. When your child sees the sign then they cross off the matching words on the bingo board.
  • More on that road trip – give your child a map before hand and let him/her plan the route.
  • Do you have parents that live out of town? Have them email your child and let your child return the emails.

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