Dr Marian Diamond from Berkeley University has spent her life studying the brain. She was the first person to take samples of Einstein”s brain and compare them to samples of other brains to try to unlock the secrets to Einstein”s remarkable intelligence.

Diamond has a 5 step system to increase intelligence in both adults and children. Interestingly enough the steps are simple…no brain surgery required.
1. Diet: A healthy diet feeds the brain as much as the body.
2. Exercise: Exercise builds better brain cells.
3. Challenge: Children don’t have to worry about this as they are still discovering so much of the world. Adults can get stuck in a rut, when was the last time you challenged yourself?
4. Newness: We have what is called a “Reticular Formation” which is the name of the nerve system that runs through the spine and is fed by all the nerves in the body. It loves new sensations and feelings. New stimulations are fed directly to the brain.
5. Love: An underestimated but very important part of everyday life.

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