In contrast to the last article I wrote, Scottish Widows Insurance recently published a couple of studies. One says that nearly 2/3 of families with children rely on a double income to make ends meet. In the other report 1/5 of parents and grandparents believe they are not prioritising their children or grandchildren enough.
In Yesterday”s Vancouver Sun there was an article about parent”s spending too much time with their children and how it is good to sometimes put your marriage before your children and go on dates with your partner.
Does the media make anyone else want to scream? I hear by announce that today is International “Give Yourself A Pat On The Back” day. Let”s assume that every parent on the planet is doing the best job that they can. We all have pressures and we all are trying to balance a million things to create the best nurturing environment we can for our children. Today is all about you, the parent, celebrating that you are most likely ignoring the media , following your instincts and doing a great job at developing the next generation.
Here”s to you!

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