Teaching our children to listen and learn well through their ears alone is an important and under talked about life skill these days. Since the day of the TV dawned we have become more and more reliant on learning through our eyes. But it’s important to be able to learn through our ears – remembering names, asking for directions and taking instructions are all important tasks that are asked of us regularly.

A fun way, to practice auditory learning (learning through our ears) is to make up stories for your children to listen too.

I can hear you thinking “Whooaaaa?!?! Me make up a story… from scratch….on the spot??!? ‘a’int going to happen!”

Well, yes, it is. I’m going to give you an easy (peasy) technique that will make you look like a pro in no time at all.


You will get your cue for this tonight, when you are reading bedtime stories to your child, and you hear the familiar “Pleeeeease! Just one more story! Say “Sure, let’s make one up together.” and ask these two simple questions:

  • What is the name of the person this story is about? <Child inserts name here>
  • Where is <name> going? <Child inserts place here>

Now you have a name and a destination, you can cobble some sort of story together. Don’t go for award winning perfection because what matters is that you try. Kids typically choose themselves for the character or a person very important to them. Because of this and the novelty factor, what ever you say, will likely be a hit.


Give it a go for a few days, after the initial shock to your system you’ll find that your brain starts to relax and amazing, creative stories will start to come forth from inside you. It’s a great way to share some intimate, high quality time with your child all while your child learns to enjoy listening to learn.

Have fun!


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