I’ve been really lucky as far as my dyslexia goes. I had a Mom who was exceptionally patient and kept finding new and fun ways to help me learn and overcome my challenges.

While working in the elementary school system here in Vancouver I saw how much parent participation makes a difference to the development of a child. It takes time for the school system to diagnose and provided extra help for children who are struggling. Parents who can work with their children at home can make a huge difference not only to the academics of their child but in maintaining their self confidence. Loss of self confidence has lasting ramifications on a person that may last long into adult hood.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada published a report recently on the effects of a late diagnosis you can read the full version hereĀ http://www.dyslexia-teacher.com/t145.html

If you are concerned about your child’s progress at school, talk to the teacher. In my experience teachers are more than happy to enlist the help of a willing parent.

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