Does your child know his or her letters and sounds?

Is your child “almost, but not quite” reading? 

Are you wondering what’s next?

TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL is the next step on the ladder towards reading, and will take your child from ‘almost’ to ‘GOT IT!’ in a heartbeat.


Did you know that twelve words in the English language make up 1/4 of our every day reading. We know those words so well that we recognize them by sight instead of spelling them out when we come to them.

Treasure on Notch Hill teaches children to read and write the first 22 most common sight words (words like “it, is & the”).

When children are in the “almost, but not quite” reading phase they can not recognise any words by sight and are trying to sound each word out letter by letter. As you’ve no doubt seen, this is time consuming, laborious and it’s hard to remember the beginning of the sentence by the time you get to the end. Once children start to recognize those all important sight words, all of a sudden their reading comes together and they begin to taste the enjoyment of reading.


Like all our products, TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL teaches through you, the parent or caregiver, sitting down one on one with your child for 15 -20 minutes of fun, playing board games and card games. You don’t need to pre-plan or know anything about teaching, all you need to do is follow the step by step instructions and be prepared to have some fun together.

“As a special needs teacher as well as a classroom teacher of students from JK to Grade 8  for 30 years, I was impressed by your astute use of learning through play and concrete materials to enhance their learning.” Donna, Ontario.


Do you like to turn off the TV and spend time having fun with your child?

Do you want to be there to see the spark of joy ignite in your child when he or she finally starts reading?

Whether you are introducing reading for the first time or helping a child who needs a helping hand TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL is a fun and effective way to get kids reading.

Still not sure? Take advantage of our ZERO RISK TRIAL – Give it a try and we’ll refund your money if you don’t 100% like it.

TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL is different in key ways:


“Play is the work of childhood”  Jean Piaget

Play is nature”s greatest teacher. All young animals play in order to learn the skills they will need as adults. Humans are no different, which is why we learn fastest and easiest when we are playing.

Furthermore, the brain can”t learn when it is anxious or worried. Our Learning Systems help children who have negative emotions around learning and engage them in play. Once they relax into the play the learning happens.


“Family connectedness is the highest protective factor in reducing the likelihood of experiencing negative outcomes for youth.” McCreary Study 2008

Children want to spend time with their parents and as a parent you are the most important teacher in your child”s life. When families sit down to play TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL the magic really happens. Children and parents alike are drawn into the process and soon look forward to it as a highlight of the day.


We”ve worked through our own learning disabilities. We know what it”s like to struggle to learn our letters and we know what it”s like to teach kids who are struggling. We”ve included lots of sneaky activities into our program to help kids who are finding it tough and to head off problems before they hit the horizon for children learning the alphabet for the first time.


TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL allows your child to learn at their own pace. It includes reusable exercises, games and review sessions for you to use as many times as your child needs.


TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL is a multisensory learning experience. Children learn through speaking, reading, writing and touching. This proven teaching methodology teaches efficiently and helps with memory retention. TREASURE ON NOTCH HILL takes advantage of tactile learning that is not possible on a computer.


Learning to read phonetically is extremely important, but it is also equally important to know the common words we use all the time by sight. Imagine how hard reading would be if you had to sound out every single word you read including words like “the, and, it” each time you came to them. Learning Phonetics and Sight words go hand in hand. We will be launching our own phonetics program next year.


• “Playsession Guide” Includes: Step by step instructions showing you how to lead your child through the program and simple, easy to follow game instructions.
• Resource Pack Includes: Reusable Spatial awareness games and other support material.
• Double Sided Game Board
• Word Cards & Full Colour Picture Cards
Sentence Cards
• 2 Dice
• Dry-Wipe Marker
• Convenient carry case to keep Treasure on Notch Hill organised.

Zero Risk Trial

Purchase the Treasure on NotchHill and if you don’t like it you have 30 days to return it for a FULL refund on the product price. So what have you got to lose? Order Treasure on Notch Hill today and begin spending quality, fun, educational time with your child as soon as possible.

We are currently selling Treasure on Notch Hill at our internet only SALE price of $49.99

Treasure on Notch Hill contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.