Here’s a great game to play and learn some new languge in the process…and it gets bonus points for being really easy to set up.

Find a paragraph or write a short paragraph – for example.

‘One very cold________an unfortunate farmer, to provide for his starving _______, had to slaughter all of his ____________; first his sheep, then his _________, then his cow. Meanwhile his ___________ had a good life under the ______, wolfing down the tidbits, gnawing on the bones. But when the last bit of cow was _________, the dogs ran off into the woods. “Mutton is good eating,” they said to________ “goat is not bad; cow is ______. And dog,” they concluded, “a man can eat dog if he is _______ enough.’

The aim is to find really funny “nonsense” words to put in the spaces. for example:

‘ One very cold August and unfortunate farmer, to provide for his starving canary…..’

Kids like this because it is lots of fun to do – teachers like it because it gets kids to be really creative with their langugage.

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